The Estia Foundation has two respite facilities. One located in Gladesville named St Andrews House, servicing the Metropolitan North region of Sydney and the other located in Roselands, Elpida House servicing the South.

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St Andrews House (Gladesville) Elpida House (Roselands)

The respite programs are an important service for both clients and their families as they provide a safe and friendly environment for the service users.

Respite means a welcome break for families, as it gives them a chance to have some space and time out, while knowing that their loved one is being properly cared for by trained staff. For the service users themselves, it means a holiday where their individual needs can be met in a supported accommodation setting and where the number one priority is for them to be happy and enjoy themselves.

The respite service provides 24 hour a day care for the people receiving support; this includes all aspects of their daily personal care requirements, meal preparation, assistance managing their medication, supervision and assistance when on outings.

Each respite facility houses six including a crisis bed. Service users can access the service for a minimum stay of three days or a maximum of five weeks per year.

Individuals wishing to use Estia's respite program should contact us in order to arrange an assessment. Assessments are carried out at Estia's offices and usually take approximately 45 minutes. Potential service users of respite care must be over 18 years for St Andrews House in Gladesville and over 16 years of age for Elpida House in Roselands. Service users also need to be specifically diagnosed with an intellectual and/or physical disability in order to access our services.

Both Estia's respite facilities in Gladesville and Roselands have essential equipment to provide the most comfortable and safe surrounds for clients. Pelican belts and lifting devices to assist staff in manual handling are accessible in all houses and all vehicles. As an example, the homes have advanced hydrotherapy bath tubs for use while in respite care.


Hydrotherapy Bath Tub

Lixouri House is Estia's first permanent supported accommodation facility located in the North Ryde area of Sydney. Four adults with intellectual and physical disabilities reside in the group home on a full time basis. Permanent accommodation has allowed independence and a sense of stability for these service users. Family members and friends often visit and indeed each resident has the freedom to visit their paternal home too.


Lixouri House (North Ryde)

The group home is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The residents living there have a wide range of needs. There is a team of six support staff including a team leader, who are responsible for ensuring that each client's individual daily needs are met. Staff assist the residents:

• stay healthy and safe
• develop a person-centred lifestyle plan
• develop and maintain friendships and social relationships
• participate in household routines
• maintain personal care
• plan and be assisted to access recreation programs
• plan for leisure activities and holidays
• participate in community activities
• develop and maintain skills for independent living
• access services that promote health and wellbeing.

Clients of Lixouri also have their own interests and are encouraged to maintain these hobbies. The residents are also involved in a number of combined activities such as picnic, road trips, dinners at least once a week, out for lunch, going to the movies and bowling.

Any person seeking permanent accommodation in a group home setting need to make a request for supported accommodation by contacting the ADHC regional Information and Referral Service to determine eligibility for an accommodation service under the NSW Disability Services Act 1993. ADHC maintains one Register of Requests for Supported Accommodation. This register includes information about the person and his or her support needs, the preferred accommodation location(s), and details of available vacancies. ADHC then allocate placements considering the individual seeking accommodation, their needs and for the collective support needs of prospective co-residents.


Service users wishing to access respite must:

1. Have an intellectual disability.
2. Be 16 years and over to access Elpida House in Roselands and 18+ years to access St Andrews House, Gladesville.
3. Make an appointment for an assessment and service users must physically be present at their assessment.
4. Be an Australian citizen.

For the assessment, potential service users must bring:

1. Medicare Card
2. Disability Pension Card
3. Epilepsy Management Plan (if applicable)
4. Behaviour Support Plan (if applicable)
5. Allergy Management Plan (if applicable)
6. Name and contact details of GP and other specialist medical professionals
7. Name and contact details of other day programs accessed.

To arrange an appointment for an initial assessment, please contact us.

Group Home

All requests for supported accommodation are made by contacting the ADHC regional Information and Referral Service to determine eligibility for an accommodation service under the NSW Disability Services Act 1993.

The Estia Foundation does not allocate placements. ADHC maintains one Register of Requests for Supported Accommodation.

This register includes information about the person and his or her support needs, the preferred accommodation location(s), and details of available vacancies.

For further information, please access the following information supplied by ADHC:

ADHC Supported Accomodation services