An appointment may be made by phoning (02) 9879-8000 for an assessment to determine service suitability, what Estia has to offer and to answer any questions you may have about our services.


18 years to 55 years.

Yes. The service agreements are issued once a participant receives their NDIS funding. These are 12 month service agreements (see Resources to download service agreement).

Estia is a very culturally diverse organisation and offers services to people from a wide range of different ethnic and religious backgrounds including our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.

Presently we do not have vacancies, but you may put your name down on our wait-list by phoning (02) 9879-8000 or email admin@estia.org.au.

This depends on four factors:

  • If there is aggressive or challenging behaviours, in which case Estia will add extra staff (e.g. one, or sometimes two staff for the person with challenging behaviour)
  • Compatibility of the residents or service users
  • The type of activity planned e.g. Theatre musicals, fairgrounds, zoo etc, where staff is allocated accordingly
  • As per NDIS individual funding.

Yes. We endeavour to meet clients requirement and expectations.

Yes. The dedicated staff of Estia is highly trained in epilepsy, challenging behaviours, dysphasia, manual handling, the various syndromes and all areas of complex needs. Staff are refreshed in training every year (if not more regularly, as needed). All staff hold current firstaid certificates and training in this area is refreshed every 2 years.

Transport is provided to the permanent residents to and from work, day programs etc, as per their NDIS plan. For short-term overnight accommodation people, transport is provided for activities and outings only.

No. Our staff are trained as carers for people with disabilities.

This would depend on your NDIS funding on how many days have been allocated. Usually, no more than 10 day blocks.

Sometimes. This depends on the demand on the service. You may request your own room.

Usually through word of mouth.

Should you need further information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our office on (02) 9879-8000.

Donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Please help us continue our work.


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