The objectives of the Estia Foundation are directed towards the provision of accommodation services that promote the needs, rights and welfare of people with disabilities and assist families or carers to have the freedom to access alternate support over agreed periods of time. This includes the building of independence, confidence and self-esteem for people with disabilities by providing the opportunity for new experiences and developing other networks outside of the current support system.


"To promote the needs, rights, interests and welfare of people with disabilities and their families or care givers and provide opportunities for individual development and independence"


• To help prevent or significantly delay the need for long-term accommodation away from the family home or from current carers for those individuals referred to Estia's services.
• To provide support and opportunities for the families and carers to reduce the stress that they may be under as aged persons, in struggling to continue to provide full-time care for one or more individuals with disabilities.
• To enable families and carers to take time away from caring and to better plan their lives.
• To promote the concept of "integration" of persons with disabilities to allow the individual with a disability to more fully participate in the life of the community.
• To provide for quality support to be supplied in circumstances where the absence of such support could result in some risk to the health or well-being of the individual with a disability being cared for and/or their families or carers.
• To enable the provision of a service that is accepted by, and respects the cultural and linguistic background of the individual, their family and carers.

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