Message From His Eminence

Dearly beloved,

I gladly respond to your request to address a message for the website of the ESTIA FOUNDATION, of which the sacred task has from long ago been well-known throughout the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, and beyond.

It would not be superfluous to state once again that the ESTIA FOUNDATION owes its rapid development not only to the recurrent annual funding of the State Government (established by Premier Bob Carr), but also to the esteem in which its work is held by the broader Australian society.

It is indeed especially moving that the very difficult and complex task of ESTIA is morally and materially supported not only by the families of children with disabilities, but also by the most diverse groups of our fellow human beings, both near and afar.

It is true that the philanthropic work of ESTIA which is admired by all, is perhaps the most difficult - and for this reason the most God-pleasing – duty towards those in need. This is why such work is equal in sacredness to the Services conducted within the Church.

In this regard, it is not by accident that the head of this truly exceptional ministry has been, from the very beginning, a Clergyman of widely recognized creative abilities, as well as spiritual strength, so as to be able to deal with the pain that goes hand in hand with a mission such as this.

Yet, this is also the point to confess that our beloved Father Angelo had, from the outset, the privilege of the support not only of his blessed family, but also of excellent and honorable co-workers (both men and women) from the entire Sydney region.

To all these pioneers, and to the great benefactors, supporters and staff of the ESTIA FOUNDATION over the past 15 years, we express warmest congratulations and fervent prayers for the unhindered continuation of this most sacred task.

With deepest love in the Lord

Archbishop S T Y L I A N O S
Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia